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Insysiv is an RFID and predictive analytics company, focused on saving hospitals money in the key areas of charge capture, par level optimization, and physician preference item pricing.

We deploy unobtrusive RFID technology in hospital labs to track all tagged devices and assets as they move through your organization. You gain immediate real-time visibility into the products in your lab through their life cycle from check-in to use, ensuring that these products not only stay in your lab until usage, but are also appropriately billed for. Industry reports indicate that as much as 10% of products used on patients are not appropriately billed for. Using our solution, clients report charge capture efficiency rates above 99%! For a mid-sized hospital, this translates to millions in additional billables. Plus, our platform interfaces seamlessly with your materials management system, billing system, and hemodynamics system, saving countless human hours and minimizing errors.

With our TRACK© platform deployment, you’ll have granular metrics on product usage, so you’ll know exactly what items you should have on your shelves, and how much of each. You’ll not only have data on products used; you’ll know what procedure they were used in and by which physicians. You’ll have reports showing supply cost by physician and/or case type, case volume by case type and/or weekday, and many more. Track provides the metrics you need to optimize your lab operations.

Perhaps even more importantly, Insysiv provides you with your product usage by product category and vendor. Using this, we will help you structure long term product deals for significant discount, without having to buy all the inventory up front. Using our analytics, one client just saved 12% on stents by organizing a 1-year deal with 3 different vendors – a savings of $350,000.

Through the latest in RFID and data science, Insysiv is changing the way Physician Preference Items are purchased by creating a platform that rewards all sides of the negotiation. No more guessing about needs, resources, and best pricing. No more adversarial business relationships between vendors and hospitals. No more unfulfilled commitments. Insysiv is different. We save hospitals money and lock in market share commitments for vendors by using cutting edge technology to drive inefficiencies out of the PPI supply chain.

After all, the true enemies of successful PPI deals are Waste and Uncertainty. When hospitals cannot predict their exact need across supply categories and specific products, they cannot commit to volumes over extended time periods. When hospital group representatives cannot easily see all of their member hospitals’ data in a timely, aggregated manner, they cannot predict volume. And when vendors do not receive guaranteed orders and market share, they cannot offer best pricing.

Insysiv overcomes all these challenges. Let us show you how…

  • No more guessing about needs, resources, and best pricing.

    Accurate daily dashboard updates of hospital PPI ordering and usage trends enable better forecasting of future needs and the confidence to negotiate with vendors on best price and terms.

  • No more adversarial business relationships between vendors and hospitals.

    Eliminating guesswork on future needs allows for ordering with confidence. Committed orders mean vendors can offer their best pricing and terms to individual hospitals or across hospital groups.

  • No more unfulfilled commitments.

    With anytime/anywhere access hospital and group purchasing personnel receive timely help to stay on target with usage levels and workflow tasks.


    By deploying UHF RFID technology, Insysiv enables real-time tracking of your lab’s inventory.


    Insysiv digs deep into this data to better understand patterns of purchase, usage and waste.


    Recover lost billing charges, optimize your on-hand inventory levels, and organize better pricing on devices.


Achieve charge-loss capture as high as 99+% and substantial reduction in scrap loss due to expiration through automated location tracking of all RFID-tagged supplies, in a UHF solution that is more accurate and less expensive than RFID cabinet solutions.


Predictive modeling indicating stability of spend patterns and categorization of spend by product class or vendor – down to individual SKU levels – provides the tools to see multiple room/department/hospital spend in any supply category, updated on a daily basis. This granularity of data detail enables aggregated purchase order processing to vendors for inventory efficiency and long-term savings.


Par level metrics cross-referenced with implant rates enable higher inventory turns and decreased on-hand inventory. Find best practices, by segmenting billings by procedure, physician, products, and payer to uncover critical areas of profit and loss.

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Achieve real, measurable savings on your PPI supplies without having to offer major market share shifts. Insysiv gives you the predictive analytics necessary to commit to longer term purchase orders, and adds a buying model that allows you to pay for that purchase order as you procure. Once the order is set, use Insysiv’s compliance tools to monitor your usage daily, making it easy to ensure those commitments are met and savings are maximized.

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Deliver real value to your member hospitals in PPI. Insysiv gives you the tools to see multiple hospitals’ spend in any supply category – updated daily – and then bring those members together to offer aggregated purchase orders to vendors. Once you and the vendor agree to the total discount, you then set the pricing that each member receives based on commitment and performance.
Have real-time, accurate analytics at your fingertips to deliver best pricing to your members.

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No more unfulfilled contract terms. You receive purchase orders, not promises. Locking in price commitments and term expiration – combined with Insysiv’s commitment to letting you keep your pricing confidential – helps you control your costs, giving you room to be more competitive in your pricing without significant loss of margins. We help you deliver satisfaction to hospitals by reducing your costs, not your profits.

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Real-Time Data

Say goodbye to outdated spend reports! Make decisions on yesterday’s data.

Keep Your MMS

Insysiv does not disrupt the flow of how you currently procure. We work seamlessly with your existing Materials Management Software.

Let’s Work Together!

Our collaboration tools help hospital, hospital group, and vendor reps work together to create purchase orders that benefit all parties.

Stay on Target

Our compliance tools make it easy for hospitals to maintain commitments and lock in savings.

Know Your Market

We provide accurate insight for vendors into market share and performance by supply category and hospital.

Multi-Vendor Purchasing

Optimize savings by consolidating purchase orders with all vendors in one place, at the same time.

Stay Connected

Dedicated social network tools help you stay informed and connected with your industry and peers.

For fastest service, you can reach our sales team at 888-210-9703 (Sales: ext. #2). 
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