3 Ways You Can Manage Your Lab’s Inventory More Efficiently

3 Ways You Can Manage Your Lab’s Inventory More Efficiently

Founded by a Cath Lab director at a St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Insysiv is providing hospitals across the country with simplified medical inventory tracking.

Using automation borrowed from the retail industry, this solution streamlines processes and improves supply chain efficiencies that benefit quality patient care for everyone. Double documentation in multiple electronic health record systems is eliminated by our integration technology. We track, analyze, validate, and alert on all supply transactions to support quality patient care and optimize savings opportunities.

Here are 3 solutions provided by Insysiv that will allow for a more streamlined inventory management process leading to money saved & less waste. 


Track is the most powerful and robust inventory system on the market. Developed by front line hospital clinical and inventory staff in collaboration with medical device industry supply chain experts, Track targets inventory reliability, reducing supply chain logistics expense and eliminating the unnecessary “double and triple documentation” so common in cardiovascular laboratories, interventional radiology suites, and operating rooms. Fully UDI compliant, one single scan of a supply with a Track scanner during a procedure captures all product information to automatically document in both your procedure log and EMR systems in real-time via your existing wifi network.

Never mistype a serial number into your implant log again. With one scan, document in multiple systems, transact patient charges and reorder supplies. When it comes time to order, a couple of clicks in our desktop software, and you’re done, as Track can send a requisition to your materials system.



Vector is our Business Intelligence tool, built on Microsoft’s powerful and ever-evolving Power BI platform. Insysiv offers you a Vector dashboard with all Track subscriptions, allowing you to slice and visualize the rich data set created by our inventory solution. But Insysiv takes you a step further.

Silos of information exist throughout your hospital – EMR systems, Materials Management systems, procedure logs – all of these data sets can be imported and blended with the Track data to give you unprecedented insights into your lab business.


While several other industries have streamlined their supply chains through forecasting and traceability, hospital labs often lack the data and analytics to better understand patterns of purchase and usage of supplies, especially physician preference supplies.

Velocity builds on the foundation of Track and each individual data point captured by a Track handheld during a procedure to create a robust analytics tool to unlock substantial savings. The predictive purchasing algorithms of Velocity analyze your supply spend in a number of ways. You will know your spending by product category and physician over time, thus allowing you to forecast your organization’s demand for these products so you can make commitments to vendors for savings.

Visit our website today or contact one of our sales team members at info@insysiv.com to receive a free audit of your inventory system & learn how Insysiv’s services are guaranteed to pay for themselves in the first 90 days. 


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