How Insysiv is Changing the Inventory Game for Labs Everywhere

How Insysiv is Changing the Inventory Game for Labs Everywhere

Managing inventory for hospital labs is a full-time position that can quickly become a full-time headache. Many labs have been forced to piece-meal together inventory management software for various reasons, including the inability of leading solutions to integrate fully into every online system. 

The problems with using a smorgasbord of solutions that don’t play well with others are something most Lab Directors, Supply Chain Managers, and Material Management Directors know all too well. Incorrect inventory accounts, tracking, attribution, and order placement leads to millions of lost dollars for hospitals every year.

That’s why Cath Lab Director, David Strelow, founded Insysiv and has worked with his team to develop a product suite that integrates into all platforms seamlessly. Insysiv’s Product Suite allows labs to track inventory in real-time, save money, and avoid stockouts. 

Using proprietary RFID technology, Insysiv goes above and beyond just saving time and money. Their product suite houses a host of other solutions including a sophisticated reporting function. Insysiv will also send out alerts if any material has an upcoming expiration date or if the ordered inventory doesn’t match the number of materials received. 

Integrating the solution is extremely low-effort for hospitals as the Insysiv team takes care of all setup and training. 

Natalie Bruff, Cath Lab Inventory Specialist for Edward-Elmhurst Health Center in Chicago, has been impressed by the capabilities of the Insysiv Product Suite.

“Insysiv was able to work with our current medical systems to capture supplies used in procedures, generate daily supply orders, and bill the supplies to the patient seamlessly. Insysiv provided RFID tag tracking and features that instantly benefited all aspects of daily inventory management. It has allowed us to keep a keener eye on supplies missing from a procedure supplies being wasted, and expiring products,” said Bruff.

Finally, Every Insysiv customer realized a strong ROI after the implementation of Insysiv’s Track system. This allows increased revenue and savings to be reinvested elsewhere including additional staffing and technology.

For a place that never stops, labs need a solution that works for them. To learn more about Insysiv or request a demo, please contact

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