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Bringing Integrated Inventory Intelligence to Your Labs

Insysiv invites you to watch our latest webinar detailing how your hospital can save thousands of dollars on your inventory management process. 

Our software has proven to pay for itself in the first 90 days due to streamlining the inventory system & capture loss. 

Join David Strelow, Insysiv Co-Founder and Cath Lab Director as he discusses:

Current issues with antiquated inventory management processes

Missed opportunities in today’s management processes

Solutions to streamline inventory management

Watch this webinar replay NOW by visiting this link: https://yucky-yak.webinarninja.com/automated-webinars/19486/register

If you are interested in learning how our services may benefit your organization, click this link to speak with one of our sales team members and see how you could get the first three months of our services for free: 


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