Best Inventory Management Software for Healthcare Sector - INSYSIV
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    Find Out How INSYSIV Helps Your Position

    No more stockouts. Know your supply usage by case type.

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    Finally, direct costing is here! And know your contribution margins by case type.

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    Ultra-granular utilization metrics. Increase inventory turns.

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    Reduce the manual burden of keeping inventory. Increase charge capture revenue.

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    Inventory Management with


    Track is the most powerful lab inventory solution on the market, at a price that even smaller volume labs can afford. With a simple scan and our unobtrusive RFID antennas, connect your inventory automatically to your medical record and registries, billing, and materials management systems. Reduce the time spent by your staff doing inventory, remove errors from manual product entry in case documentation and reordering, and improve your bottom line through lost revenue capture and decreased waste.

    Insysiv delivers all this power at a fraction of the cost of other RFID/barcode systems.

    Business Intelligence with


    Vector is your lab’s operations, visualized.  We use Microsoft’s dynamic “Power BI” platform to deliver you a wealth of insights into your business, updated daily.  Know your average case cost by physician, leading causes of product waste in your department, lab utilization rates by room, profitability by patient zip code, and so much more.  And if our tool doesn’t already have the metric you need, we’ll build it!  Our professional services team is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to optimize your business.

    Strategic Buying with


    Velocity is your path to significant, sustained savings on Physician Preference Items.  With the power of the data behind Track, our algorithms utilize statistical process control methodologies to predict your future device usage and save up to 20% on your most expensive supplies, while preserving your physicians’ vendor choice for product selection.  These are proven savings at our existing clients, not theoretical; let us show you how we can help.